It's simple, it's what we love doing


The process is simple, it’s what DMac love doing.

  • We, with your encouragement, will go onto farms and target poor acidic conditions where crops have been failing. We will test to work out the exact pH level of that patch and work out the area which the issue is covering.

  • After that, we will draw up a map, as a visual aid for both the farmer and the potential contractor. This allows ease of understanding where the problem seems to be occurring.

  • We also identify where possible tip sites could be, so the lorry drivers have all the information required in order to remove as much hassle and worry as possible for the farmer.

  • Using the logarithmic scale, we work out how many tonnes are required per hectare to correct this issue.

  • We get straight on the phones to our friends in the quarries and haulage companies and work out the cheapest and most practical solution to fit around the farmer’s needs.

  • Our hauliers will work around the clock to ensure that the product is delivered on time to the farm, meaning the contractor will be able to crack on with the job quickly and efficiently.

  • We have long-standing relations with many contractors within the area, we know that they do a fantastic job and always leave the site looking as tidy as possible. Whilst cracking on with the job in a manner that means that the farmer can get on with his next task without stress.