The dark art of lime


There are very few products that are readily available and are cheap which have such an effective impact on crop productivity as the application of lime does.

Lime offers a long-term solution and makes a tremendous difference to arable and grassland productivity.

It is key that the correct pH is maintained for the following reasons:

  • pH is vital for the uptake of nutrients into the plant. Without a strong cation exchange capacity, whatever fertilizer you may throw onto the soil will be wasted as the plant roots are unable to uptake the nutrient via osmosis.

  • Trace element availability from the soil means fewer additives to your fertiliser due to higher chemical efficacy.

  • Improvement of carbon storage due to healthier soils leading to a higher worm count. 

  • Reduce the availability of highly toxic metals such as Aluminum which becomes soluble in acidic conditions and soon becomes toxic to the plant.

  • For every ton of nitrogen fertilizer, you need to look at a ton of Lime to correct the imbalance.

  • CO2, NO2 and SO2 all individually combine with rain (H2O) to create acid. So a patch of ground will need continuous management over an annual cycle.

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