Working with only the best


  • Lime & Chalk – A great, cost-effective way of neutralising acidic conditions and increasing calcium content into the soil.

  • Basic Slag – an organic conditioner for neutralising and fertilising soil, providing multi-nutrients and increasing palatability of grass.

  • KalPhos – a citric soluble, high phosphate fertiliser including Sulphur and Potash. Perfect for maintaining indices.

  • Granulated lime – a fast acting pH adjuster, spread from a standard fertiliser spreader. Delivered in 600KG and 25KG bags, ideal for farmers to spread themselves at a time that suits them.

  • MagPrill – a blend of calcium and magnesium to improve Mg indices and correct an acidic pH.

  • Pkup – a phosphate and potash builder and maintainer. Made from calcified bone meal, it also has an array of other nutrients to further enhance crop production and a neutralising value of 10%.